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OF BOOKS AND PEOPLEPosted by Tore Nordenstam Friday, April 12 2013 18:12:54

Three years ago, Carla Carmona Escalera defended her doctoral dissertation Egon Schiele: Análysis ético-formal de su obra pictórica at the University of Seville.

I said then that Carla is a marvellous guide through Schiele’s pictorial universe and that her Schiele study is a beautiful example of what a lucid presentation in Wittgenstein’s sense might amount to. (Cf. my review of the dissertation.)

And I expressed the hope that the dissertation will soon lead to a book.

That hope has now been fulfilled. A revised version of Carla Carmona's analysis of Schiele's oeuvre was published last year with the title La idea pictórica de Egon Schiele. Un ensayo sobre lógica representacional (Genueve Ediciones, Santander etc. 2012, 324 pages).

It is an extremely interesting contribution to the literature on Schiele's art and indeed to the whole field of pictorial understanding.

I hope that this book will soon be translated into German and English.

The same applies to the collection of essays on related themes which was published earlier this year with the wonderful title On the slack rope of the eternal - En la cuerda floja de lo eterno. Sobre la gramática alucinada de Egon Schiele (Acantilado, Barcelona 2013, 152 pages).

The introduction to La idea pictórica de Egon Schiele (pp.13-33) can be read here.

The first chapter of En la cuerda floja de lo eterno (pp.7-14) can be read here.

Addition September 2015

For a critical look at Carla Carmona´s views on the similarities between Schiele and Wittgenstein, go to my 2015 paper on Wittgenstein and Schiele:

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