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I took the picture above some years ago: the Nile somewhere between Luxor and Aswan.

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OF BOOKS AND PEOPLEPosted by Tore Nordenstam Thursday, September 27 2007 14:25:19

My great grandfather, Anders Jacobsson Nordenstam, took the name Nordenstam in the 1830s when he began his studies in theology at the University of Uppsala. He stemmed from the northernmost region of Sweden; hence the name. (His seal contained the words Aquilone natus, “born of the wind from the North”.)

My great grandfather had six children. Two of them, Ossian and Roland, had children in their turn. Roland, my grandfather, was married to Karin, née Hay. There is a survey of all their descendents in a booklet entitled Ättlingarna till Bernhard och Clara Hay, published by the Hay Family Foundation (Hayska familjefonden, Jönköping, Sweden, 2000). Ossian had eight children, four sons and four daughters, but I have no information on their descendents.

To complicate matters, my great grandfather was not the only one who took the name Nordenstam in the 19th century. My great grandfather, Anders Jacobsson Nordenstam, had an uncle named Olof Andersson (1785-1867) who had six sons and four daughters. Three of those sons took the name Nordenstam. There exists no survey of all their descendents.

When my great grandfather and his three cousins took the name Nordenstam in the first half of the 19th century, there was at least one family who carried that name already. A man called Carl Fredric Swart from Gothenburg was ennobled in 1751, with the name Nordenstam, and introduced into the Swedish House of Lords in 1752. Carl Fredrik Nordenstam was governor of the county of Stockholm from 1762 to his death in 1768. The family was immatriculated in Finland in 1818 when Finland got its own House of Lords. There was a prominent Nordenstam in Finland in the 19th century, Johan Mauritz Nordenstam, born in Stockholm in 1802, dead in 1882. The noble family called Nordenstam is now extinct. I don’t think that we are related to that family at all.

The same applies to Carl Rudolf Bernadotte Nordenstam and his descendants. He was the son of the Swedish king Charles XV and “the beautiful Miss Nordenstam” and settled in Norway, where he became well-known as a magician.

There are many Nordenstams in the United States too. I don’t know how they are related to the Swedish Nordenstams.

There are many people around in Scandinavia and the United States with the family name Nordenstam. Perhaps somebody who reads this can help to shed some light on the connections there might be in this field.


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