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ETHICSPosted by Tore Nordenstam Thursday, February 16 2012 13:09:26

Carla Carmona Escalera (philosophy), Eva Werth (literary studies) and Johann Thomas Ambrózy (art history) have launched a new project called the EGON SCHIELE JAHRBUCH (ESJB).

In the introduction to the first volume of the Jahrbuch which was published in December 2011, the editors explain their purposes:

It is unfortunate that the research on Egon Schiele (1890-1918) has been particularly scattered and divided. It is also in part too biased towards an expressionistic approach which uses the concept of genius to the detriment of the analysis of the representational logic of Schiele's oeuvre. It is high time that those working worldwide on Schiele cooperate on an international level so that different methods and approaches can benefit from each other in aid of both scholarship and artistic practice.

EGON SCHIELE JAHRBUCH (ESJB) is the first journal dedicated to the study of Schiele's oeuvre. It publishes current research articles, symposia, relevant interviews, timely reviews of books and exhibitions as well as special issues on the artistic practice of Egon Schiele. Following the path pioneered by Allan Janik and Stephen Toulmin's Wittgenstein's Vienna, ESJB also features those aspects of the arts, philosophies and culture of the fin de siècle Vienna which could advance the understanding of Schiele's work. ... ... ...

The editors would like the ESJB to promote the clarification of the dynamic relationships between ethics and aesthetics inherent to Schiele's oeuvre, something so precious in a time like ours.

The first volume of the Egon Schiele Jahrbuch is a substantial volume with long papers by the three editors themselves and contributions by both art historians like Gertrud Held and Helena Pereña and philosophers like Allan Janik and Tore Nordenstam.

The volume also includes some lively interviews and sections on museums, exhibitions and research institutions concerned with Schiele and ends with the announcement of the first Egon Schiele Research Symposium which will take place in June this year.

More on ESJB here:

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